Nubians are a large dairy breed.

The Breeze's Beau

ADGA # N1670378

DOB: 4/17/2011

AKA Charlie, my Nubian buck.  He is a 180 pound love.  He is very calm and easy going.  We catch and move him with ease.  He comes from great milk and show lines.

Destiny Ridge Black Raspberry

ADGA# N1665189

DOB: 2/9/2011

Raspberry, my Nubian doe who gives a gallon of milk a day at her peak.  She is first on the stand and an easy milker.  She has excellent milk lines on both sides of her lineage.

Destiny Ridge Harmony Rose

ADGA# N1665188

DOB: 2/20/2011

Rosie is a second year freshener and still learning the milk stand.  She is a very correct doe with a nice bag.  She needs some more tlc!

Nigerian Dwarfs

Nigerian Dwarfs are a small dairy breed.  I am impressed with the milk production of these does.  They are great backyard goats!  Well maybe not backyard but they are definitely great for those with small property. 

CLF Buckshot Billy

Double Registered Buck with blue eyes


Billy has thrown a variation of colors.  He is a bit more timid buck and roams freely around the property.  He is a smaller framed buck which has worked well for my does.

Nightingale Farms Kirin

Double Registered Doe with blue eyes


Kirin is a timid doe that is slowly coming around.  She had quads this year (2014). The doelings have been retained for further evaluation. 

Sweet Pea

Unregistered Nigerian Doe

Sweet Pea is super friendly and represents the Nigerian breed well.  This is my first year milking her and she is producing well.  I am very impressed with her udder.  I would be happy with a pasture full of her!


Unregistered Nigerian Doe

Consistently has triplets!!!  Honey is a sweet girl who loves attention.  She is a bit on the stockier side, but her milk production is impressing me.  She is the perfect back yard goat.

Rocio Goat

Unregistered Nigerian Doe