Katahdins are a hair sheep meaning they shed instead of having to shear them.  Their meat is a lean, mild flavor and their dispositions docile.  They are easy to handle and disease resistant.  They are a great breed for the small farm. 

The registered stock will continue to be improved upon and offered for sale as my herd is established.  We look forward to being able to show and promote the Katahdin breed.

KHSI Registration: 94624 Ram

BENJAMIN is my registered Katahdin ram whose first batch of lambs hit the ground 2014 and we can already see the improvements to the breed.  He is a very friendly ram and an attention hound.

KHSI Registration 89158 Ewe

This is Lydia.  She is my oldest ewe and had a beautiful set of twins this year (2014).  She is my friendliest ewe and adopts everything.  The baby goats love her.

KHSI Registration 96077 Ewe

A very pregnant Charlotte. This is Lydia's ewe lamb from 2012.  2014 will be her first lambing season.  Looking forward to what she has and hopefully a ewe or two!

KHSI Registration

This is Leah! Benjamin's first ewe lamb. I am retaining her for breeding and I will be purchasing a new ram from Finleys Mountain Ranch which is where my stock comes from.  They have 5 different bloodlines.  I have already noticed an improvement  in my stock with this little ewe!

Unregistered Stock

The unregistered stock will be bred to my registered ram.  I am running two strings of sheep.  The unregistered will be offered at a lower price as they will be mainly for butcher, however the buyer can use them for weed control or pets as they are friendly and curious. 

Unregistered Dorper ewe lamb

Dorper lambs are similar to Katahdins in that they are also a hair breed with mild flavored meat.  They are typically a heavier muscled breed so this cross should yield a larger lamb.